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Sites in London

  • Speed boat 500

    25 Things to do in London

    25 things to do in London without which your visit just wouldn’t be complete! From the free “museum district” to the Houses of Parliament, Harry Potter sites, castles, palaces, parks, markets... explore more
  • Castle Howard

    Bridgerton Filming Location Tours

    Join our tours of the Bridgerton filming locations. Although the series is based in London, the show was filmed at around 100 locations across England. Most of the filming was done... explore more
  • Abbey Road Studio

    Beatles Tours in London

    Our pick of the best Beatles tours in London. Travel by bus and see the most famous Beatles sites in the city. Accompanied by a lively tour guide, you’ll also get... explore more
  • Sulgrave Manor

    American Landmarks in England

    There are lots of American landmarks dotted around England given the rich and long history that is shared between the two countries. From the ancestral home of George Washington to the Mayflower... explore more
  • The London Eye

    Is the London Eye Worth It?

    Is the London Eye worth it? One of the world’s tallest observation wheels, it’s become an icon of the London skyline which offers breathtaking views over the city. A symbol of... explore more
  • British Museum

    The British Museum

    The world-renowned British Museum has an incredible collection of treasures spanning over two million years of human history. Experience in one location extraordinary exhibits with world famous objects including the Parthenon,... explore more
  • Big Ben

    Visiting The Palace of Westminster, London

    Enter the heart of British Politics with a visit to the Palace of Westminster in London. Understand the workings of the UK government and learn how and why the Parliament and... explore more
  • The Design Museum

    The Design Museum, Kensington, London

    The Design Museum in Kensington, showcases areas covering product, industrial, graphic, fashion and architectural design. Temporary exhibitions explore a wide range of different themes. The Design Museum is one of several... explore more